Sunday, August 26, 2012

Old Media, New Media


Welcome to Old and New Media, the Fall 2012 class discussion blog for sections 103 and 104 of Media Studies 102: Effects of Mass Media. Beyond your required posts and comments, please treat this online space as an open forum to air questions, engage in conversations, and generally pursue a greater understanding of our course materials and concepts.

Because our lecture and section discussion time is very limited, this is one additional way to iron out misunderstandings, get clarification, and highlight the points that interest you most. Discussion can spill over from class to blog, or blog to class. Students from both sections will be posting here, so this is also an opportunity to share our insights across registration boundaries.

Finally, a word on online etiquette. This may be a relatively informal web-based resource, but it is class-related and I therefore ask you to maintain a high level of written expression (for the love of spelling, please no "u mght b rite lol"). Be courteous and considerate in your posts and comments, though that certainly does not preclude disagreements or constructive criticism.

Looking forward to an exciting semester,

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