Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I quickly want to point my attention to Psychological warfare. It is amazing how much media thrives on making individuals insecure. It is if almost every add in regards to body make you question your ability to be uniquely beautiful, handsome etc. I know this is planned and is not by any means a coincidence. My problem does not lie with those who are able to accurately dissect these media messages but it is with the target audience media company's choose to target to potentially bully. I know i sound like someone out of touch and oblivious to the fact that media also hails images and messages toward me, but I would still like to for a moment look at this.
     in urban communities the need to be someone important is manifested and shown in several ways but differently then it would in suburban and upper elite affluent homes. I bring this up because I want to bring into question who receives the most damage from media messages intended to make someone insecure as to buy a product. I argue it is those in lower socio-economic back grounds.
I love how Kanye West says "She couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis." All im trying to say is that we must be mindful not only of how media effects us, but as well as the people around us and those we love that may be trying to find meaning and self worth in the wrong places such as media messages. I was sucked into this. I loved Jay Z and Kanye west. I felt i could not be important unless I was famous, with the same charisma as both of them alongside being rich. Clearly this is not my perception now, as I was a sophmore in high school. I gotta run but I wanted to quickly put this out there!

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  1. John, it's an interesting hypothesis--that those from low SES backgrounds are more vulnerable to media messages based on consumerism and the eternal pursuit of wealth/status. At some level, I think anyone in a capitalist system is susceptible to those messages... how can we not be, when that's the very system we were raised in, operate in on a daily basis, and must navigate to succeed?