Thursday, September 20, 2012

Monsters Calling Home

(Alenda, this is a free post, not assigned. Just wanted to share. tehe.)

Hey classmates,
Hope you guys are a lot less stressed out now that the paper is out of the way. 
So this past Tuesday, my friend's band, Monsters Calling Home, had their first television performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Just a fun fact, they describe their music sound as: gangster folk Oriental Jesus. They started up a little over a year ago doing small local performances and competitions, uploading their videos on YouTube and now they're backed up by Honda and even performing on a well-known late night show. Although they are not signed with any label, they home record all of their music and sell EPs after performances.

I wanted to point out how interesting performers and people are being discovered and famous through the Internet, particularly YouTube. A guy named Justin Bieber first started up on YouTube and now is selling over 100,000 copies per album. Maybe you've heard of him. Also, the dynamic duo Karmin who now is signed with Epic Records got famous by her cover of Chris Brown's "Look at me now" cover. It is easier to find stars-to-be just by typing a few words on YouTube or Google now compared to listening to Top 40s on the radio and that only.

Sidenote: I personally am proud to see Korean Americans on mainstream TV (: just some thoughts I wanted to share with you guys.

Here's a link of Monsters Calling Home performing on JKL

Meet Monsters Calling Home


  1. Hi Jean!

    Those are your friends? I saw them featured on Youtube for Honda. I saw their performance for Jimmy Kimmel, too. I thought they were really cool and like their folk-y feel. Maybe you could talk to them to get them to perform at Berkeley! Hehe :]

    Michelle Vu

  2. I second Michelle's Idea! I would totally go see these guys, know friends that really like this sound too. BTW if i come up $6 short on rent this month after buying their album, your fault Jean.