Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some useful links/further reading

A question we'll tackle soon, and others:

Does agenda-setting still hold in the age of social media?


  1. After briefly looking into the further reading, I was wondering that could the fact that "campaign news not devoted to discussion of the major political issues but rather to the analysis of the campaign itself (McCombs)" be an example of the agenda-setting by mass media being no longer as effective nowadays as it once was. One explanation could be: since, people, as audiences and readers of the mass media, are more likely to be more interested in and sensitive to the topic of "which candidate has more possibility to win," the news result in the more coverage of "analysis of campaign itself" instead of "major political issues." The media, other than setting agenda, is matching their coverage to audience interests.

    1. We discussed this in section, so you already know I think you're on the right track here!