Sunday, October 7, 2012

Register to Vote!

Another announcement, in case you didn't see this via email...

You can register to vote at:

The tool above was created through a partnership between the University
of California Student Association (UCSA), CALPIRG, and Rock the Vote.
The ASUC Vote Coalition is a non-partisan organization that acts as
UC-Berkeley student government's official voter registration coalition.
We collectively aim to register 12,000 students to vote this fall, as
well as raise awareness on campus about the impact legislation can have
on public higher education. This election, you can use your vote to
raise our voice, the student voice. Voting is an easy way to contribute
to maintaining UC Berkeley's reputation for world-class education. By
voting, you can ensure that governmental decisions reflect student
interests, as well as decide the outcome of the presidential race,
critical state ballot initiatives, and local council and mayoral races.

The deadline to register is October 22nd, 2012, two weeks before the
general election on November 6th, 2012. Please pass this message on to
your friends, family and acquaintances. By voting, you can help make
change happen!

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