Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Fourth Student Science Fiction Short Story Contest

Please share information about the Student Science Fiction Short Story
Contest with your Undergraduate and Graduate Students. Details about
requirements, submission deadline, and awards can be found at

          *The Eaton Conference is again looking for new Science
          Fiction! We encourage upcoming writers to submit their work
          for critical judgment and promotion. We are pleased to announce:*

        The Fourth Student Science Fiction Short Story Contest
          Chaired by Nalo Hopkinson

          First prize: $750
          Second prize: $500

          Open to full-time undergraduate and graduate students in the
          University of California system

        * Deadline:*Submissions must be sent no later than December 7, 2012.


 1. *Subject:* Stories must be recognizable as Speculative Fiction,
    which can include science fiction, fantasy, horror or
    utopian/dystopian literature.
 2. *Length:* Stories must not exceed 6000 words.
 3. *Format:* Please follow these guidelines. Submissions that do not
    will be discarded:
      * Black type on white paper
      * 12 point font
      * Double-spaced
      * 1 inch margins on all sides
      * Left-justified only ("ragged" right margins are acceptable)
      * Header on each page with author's last name, title of work (or
        abbreviation) and page number of total pages
      * Author's name, campus, mailing address, & email in the upper
        left hand corner of the first page
      * Word-count in the upper right hand corner of the first page

Please email your entry as a PDF attachment to:
with the subject line: *2013 Student Science Fiction Short Story Contest*

        Winners will have their conference registrations and awards
        banquet admission comped, however, travel arrangements are the
        responsibility of the winners.

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